About Virginia Ramblers

Our Approach

The program’s long term approach to building future champions fosters an appreciation for the sport and competition, builds athleticism and skill, and develops a mentality for success. We work very hard, very smart and have fun. Our wrestlers are pushed to do more, and achieve more, than they thought possible by developing:  


  1. Habits of commitment, composure, and quality through the sport of wrestling.

  2. Confidence through competence, camaraderie, and self awareness.

  3. Respect for their teammates and competitors.


We also don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy our lasagna hog lifestyle.

Goals for our Wrestlers

Everyone on our team wrestles in situations where they continue to develop their skill set and mental toughness, with the support of their coaches and teammates. This allows every wrestler to improve and further challenge their teammates to improve.


We want kids to develop the habits and confidence to help them succeed in wrestling and all aspects of life. We strive to win, evaluate when we lose, and work to improve. Ultimately we hope to create a positive environment that is focused on expanding the potential of each individual to succeed as a wrestler, student, and person.

Our Coaches

Pete Zafros

I’m the head coach of the Virginia Ramblers and have coached youth wrestling for almost 15 years. I wrestled at the University of Chicago and volunteer at the Brown University wrestling camps each summer. Other Ramblers coaches include Don Dight, Nathan Rickman, DJ Johnston, Scott Matheny, Ed Margand, Tim Beirne, and Roy Littleton.